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January 27-29, 2012 in Denver

This extraordinary weekend symposium brings together activists, scholars & contemplatives in dialogue around the Front Range connection to the South Platte watershed. Critical conversations about our water future will be guided and inspired by international voices for Earth, water and human rights: Maude Barlow and Elisabeth Peredo Beltrán.

Our watershed—like most of Earth—faces a water crisis:

* Much of our water comes from another watershed—and partly as a result, a major river no longer reaches the sea.
* More water has been promised than can be delivered.
* Controversial water uses greatly diminish the water available to farmers, a swelling human population, and the rest of nature.

And yet we know: the waters flowing in and through our watershed belong to Earth, to all species, to future generations.

Come! Let us labor together, inspire one another, and grow our awareness in openness to the great shift required as old notions of “separation from nature” slip away.

  • What are the urgent concerns of our near and farther neighbors?
  • What does it mean for the public to own the water?
  • What does water need from us?
  • How does water connect us, inspire us?

We are all downstream neighbors.


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